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June 2014

Arc Design Services

Arc Design Services works exclusively in Gibraltar and benefits from extensive local knowledge and experience. In addition to our in-house design and construction team, we also have a wide network of specialist consultants who we can draw upon to offer a complete package of services to cover all the needs of your project.

We deal with all range of projects – whether refurbishment and new-built, large or small – and offer a flexible range of services which can be hand-picked to suit the requirements of each project.


As architects printing of plans is central to our business. We need a robust multifunction unit what was  A3 and capable of colour printing. As we setup our business we needed to select the right tools. Scanning was also important to our business as we need to digitise documents in A3. Maintenance was just as important as buying so we wanted a maintenance contract that would cover our printing necessities completely.
Apart from an A3 Multifunction unit we also required a plotter. HP offered both printers and plotters and from one service provider.

Netgear was a company that could provide us with both the hardware and maintenance. We use Apple Mac for our design work and needed to ensure we had a compatible printer. Cost of printing is important to us as we print high volume colour jobs. Netgear offered a 5 year maintenance contract at a competitive price and with unlimited service included. We depend on our printers and we wanted to make sure they are serviced to a high standards.

Why we Chose HP Netgear MPS?

  • As an architecture practice we produce a great deal of printed material ranging from large-scale technical drawings to glossy presentation brochures. It gives us great peace of mind therefore to know that we can rely on our HP plotter and printer to reliably prepare high-quality prints and that the Netgear team is always quickly at hand to assist us with any technical matters.

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    Jonas Stahl Director - Arc Design