What to consider when choosing a printer?

Black and White or Colour?

What’s the difference between colour and black-and white printing? It may seem like a simple question on the surface. But when it comes to everyday office printing you need to consider the documents you are printing, can you print in black and white only? Another consideration, when chooing a printer, is do you have a pre-printed letterhead or are you printing your letterhead? Are you printing brochures or any marketing collateral?

Costs: The cost of colour ranges between 5 to 10 times more than black and white printing. Mono printers are recommended where colour is not required, when you need to go for colour there is a range of colour printer options available.

Printer only or Multifunction (MFP)?

Do you need to print only or do you need to scan, photocopy, fax? You need to consider these points when choosing a printer.

Multifunctions can print and also copy, scan, fax. They are a great all-inclusive device that can perform all of the functions of several office devices and fit conveniently on your desk. For heavy scanning or photocopying requirements there is a special range of multifunction with advanced scanning capabilities. For most users today, a multifunction is the perfect combination product for their needs.

Professional or Enterprise

There are two ranges that HP offer: Professional or Enterprise.

Professional: This range is designed for those choosing a printer for small and medium sized businesses typically 5-15 users.

Enterprise: Printers are intended for larger companies, 5 -50 users and where control and customisation is required. We can customise your workflow, scanning in double sided in colour, output as a PDF and then storing to a certain folder? We can customise the workflow so that you can do the entire process with the touch of one customised button.

Fax to Email

Would you like to receive your faxes to an inbox rather than to the printer? The receptionist could easily and quickly check the fax which would enter as a PDF attachment in their inbox and forward it to the correct person rather than a fax printing out and remaining in the printer till someone comes along to collect it.

Secure Hard Drive

These printers have an integrated Hard Drive to store documents and can be configured to print only when the user walks up to them and securely enters their credentials. Keep your printed data safe as well as reduce on waste by users sending to print and then not collecting the document from the printer.

Printer Management

Who’s looking after your print fleet? Who do you call when you need to service your printer? Our Managed Print Service means that you rest assured your printers will be serviced to a high standard by qualified HP engineers, reducing your printer downtime. Our service is

Consumables Management

Who’s looking after your printer ink? Who do you call when you need to order ink? Do they have the consumables in stock? Our Managed Print Service means that this is something of the past. We will automate the service and will deliver ink to your office before you run out. We stock all the consumables and spare parts locally. Keeping your printer… printing.

Print Volume

It is necessary to calculate the current consolidated print volume when choosing your printer in order to ascertain and compare the current and future costs for mono and colour impressions. It is also an essential component in determining the correct and the total number of devices required as part of the MPS.

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