• Are there any other costs associated with the correct use of the device?

    There are NO other costs associated with the correct usage of the printer and settings as per the initial users and network setup.

  • Can the client check the page count?

    The printer counter can be accessed by the client at any time. Netgear will train a user on how to print a page usage report.

  • What if i print a bit of the page in colour?

    Any colour on the page will be counted as a colour page. If the printer uses any amount of colour on the page this is counted as a colour page by the printer.

  • How will i be billed?

    Billing is monthly and will be sent by email to the email address you choose.

  • What if i print in A5, will i be charged for a full A4 page?

    No, the printer will count an A5 page as half an A4 page and therefore the cost will be half. The printer will automatically count all pages that are smaller than an A4 page as an A4 equivalent page. An A5 page which is half the size of an A4 page will be counted as half a page (0.5 of a page on the page counter) of an equivalent A4 page.

  • How long has Netgear Business been offering this service for?

    This is the 4th year Netgear Business has been offering the service in Gibraltar.

  • I have an existing print contract with another supplier, can you still help?

    Yes, we have been able to assist companies reduce their costs by switching providers, get in touch so that we can help you, and we’ll work with you to reduce costs and improve print efficiency.

  • Is this service popular and who tends to use it?

    We have a large number of contracts and our customer base is rapidly growing. Our customers include: financial services, property & construction sector, transportation sector, retail and wholesale businesses and any business that has prints over 1000 pages per month and wants their printer managed professionally at a fixed low cost. Please see our Customer Testimonials.

  • What’s next?

    Netgear Business will ensure your requirements have been fully understood and once this is done we will raise the contract. On signing the contract we will arrange for the pre-installation survey to be completed and then for the printer to be installed.