Work from home in Gibraltar, remote print to the office!

Netgear Business in Gibraltar is here to help your Office Printing. How? Work from home and print in the office with HP ePrint!   This pandemic has produced a proper shift in our personal and professional lives. Most of us in Gibraltar have been able to work from home. Gibraltar businesses and their employees have had to adapt their office functionality and work from home in Gibraltar. Not a big deal you would think! A laptop, a good internet connection and done! But wait! What about printing? What about collaborating with the rest of your team? All these pages that need printing and to be in the office physically ? The solution is here. Even if it’s been around for a while, users have not really been aware of this useful feature. So at Netgear Business we want to help you learn about HP ePrint!   What is ePrint? With

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Printer tips for business – reduce costs by 30-50%

Your business can cut in-house printing and copying costs by 30-50% and create a secure print network, by implementing a few simple tips and rules to change the way you and your people work. Our audit team have worked with businesses, of all sizes, across Gibraltar and have compiled these top tips – No matter what the size of the business, we see these same issues resulting in businesses spending £1,000s of pounds per year that are just not necessary. So if you’re looking at cutting costs in your business and ensuring the highest levels of data security, read on. Printer Tips 1 – Stop printing the most expensive document in your business The most expensive document you’ll ever print – is the document never collected from the printer. When we conduct print audit’s, both we and businesses are astounded at the scale of uncollected documents. Save paper and ink


Unrivalled service and printer expertise :)

What business like most about our fully managed printer service is that we look after every aspect of your office printers for you. Plus – our friendly, professional, knowledgeable team talk your language – “an excellent and timely service”. Here’s how we do it with our fully Manged Printer Service 1: The best printers – installed and networked  We’ll work with you to choose the right printer set-up for your office. We’ll install and network your new printers, minimising any disruption to your daily activity, and ensure that your team are up and running from day one. 2: Skilled engineers with broad IT experience Our Netgear Business engineers have a wealth of experience across the IT field. They bring an unrivalled level of expertise when installing printers. They’ll ensure optimal set-up based on your requirements. 3: Maintenance and Servicing is scheduled and managed by us  Well maintained printers are less likely


Printer: Protect intellectual property

Critical gaps may exist in your imaging and printer environment. Our team will work with you to audit your existing set-up and recommend secure business solutions to address any risks. Using the latest HP printer technology you’ll not only have the peace of mind that your printer environment is secure, but we’ll provide a range of recommendations that will reduce your printer running costs while improving print quality output and efficiency. Require authentication Require authentication to use printers from all computing devices. HP Capture and Route Securely track and control distribution of scanned content. HP Universal Print Driver Free print driver solution replaces discrete individual print drivers, it includes a secure encrypted printing feature for sensitive documents. Threat detection Printers with anti-malware features to detect, stop and report anomalies. Sensitive documents Reduce unclaimed print jobs, protect sensitive documents and deter tampering or fraud. Configured devises Harden devices and maintain firmware

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Taking your printer security seriously? Someone else might be!

Critical gaps may exist in your imaging and printing environment. We’re here to help you find secure business solutions to address these risks. This short video is an eye opener and highlights a number of weaknesses in printer network security and how they can be accidentally or aggressively used to compromise your data and intellectual property. How Netgear is helping Gibraltar’s businesses with printer security Our team of account managers and technical engineers can guide you in reviewing your existing printer set-up and recommending more secure alternatives where necessary. As HP authorised dealers we have access to the best printer security available to businesses and a full range of options to suit different business requirements. Understanding your business is key to finding the optimum printer environment. We will work with you to determine your existing printer costs – based on counts from your existing printers. We’ll also review where in

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