Printer: Protect intellectual property

Critical gaps may exist in your imaging and printer environment. Our team will work with you to audit your existing set-up and recommend secure business solutions to address any risks.

Using the latest HP printer technology you’ll not only have the peace of mind that your printer environment is secure, but we’ll provide a range of recommendations that will reduce your printer running costs while improving print quality output and efficiency.

Require authentication

Require authentication to use printers from all computing devices.

Authenticated printing
Authenticated printing

HP Capture and Route

Securely track and control distribution of scanned content.

HP Universal Print Driver

Free print driver solution replaces discrete individual print drivers, it includes a secure encrypted printing feature for sensitive documents.

Threat detection

Printers with anti-malware features to detect, stop and report anomalies.

Printer security

Sensitive documents

Reduce unclaimed print jobs, protect sensitive documents and deter tampering or fraud.

Configured devises

Harden devices and maintain firmware updates for security patches.

Secure printer mobile access
Secure mobile access

How we help business create a secure print environment

For Gibraltar based businesses printing over 1,000 pages per month, we offer a free print audit. The audit compares your existing printer set-up and usage with an alternative based on our HP printer range. It’s not unusual for us to substantially reduce the number of printers within the business, by reviewing your office layout and recommending set-up options that reduce wasted print – these changes not only bring more efficiency, but they enable us to secure a low monthly fixed print service fee – on average saving customers 30%.

Our Managed Print Service includes the provision of HP printers, servicing, maintenance, parts and cartridges. So should you ever have printer downtime, our engineers will be onsite, with all of the information about your network and the printers, to help them solve the issue and have you up and running again within the shorted possible time frame. Find out more

In addition, we remotely monitor your ink levels, so that we can ensure you have a replacement cartridge delivered to your office just in time.