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January 2015

Our Vision

To create a safe space where clients of all ages and backgrounds can receive professional legal and family advice in the strictest confidence.

We aim to empower our clients to gain positive results which will lead to an improved quality of life both throughout and after the legal process.


Amber is the owner of the firm. There was an old printer in place, it was way to slow for the fast growing business. Amber called in Netgear for professional printer advice. Netgear worked with Amber to ensure we cover the firm’s printing environment. As a small legal office Amber needed to be smart about their printing as the law, that’s why they chose the HP Officejet X Series.

Why we Chose HP Netgear MPS?

  • We needed a fast printer and we needed a scanning solution. The multifunction device we chose allowed us to scan documents and have them saved straight onto our PCs or even email them straight from the multifunction. Given the volumes of documents we scan this improvement in work flow has greatly improved our productivity. The team at Netgear advised Amber Law, the next day the printer was installed and working.