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November 2014

About Castiel Winser

Castiel Winser has become one of the most firmly established and well-respected companies on the Rock. They service the life assurance, investment portfolios and pension policies of over 11,000 residents in Gibraltar.

Castiel Winser Insurance & Financial Consultants Ltd. has been an Independent Financial Consultancy firm since 1984, one of the longest established such firms in Gibraltar.


Castiel Winser had a 10 year old heavy duty laser laser multifunction. It was an old machine causing problems and expensive to run and maintain. Castiel Winser wanted to see what options were available to replace this heavily used machine. They went back to the original supplier to see what options were available and they also attended a presentation by Netgear of their Managed Print Services. Ellias one of the directors at Castiel Winser was impressed by the presentation, the promise of unlimited service included at no extra cost. Elias understands that when a large machine that the office depends on breaks down it causes disruption to all his employees. Netgear met with Castiel Winser and listened to the issues they were experiencing. They were keen on reducing the cost of printing and wanted to upgrade their machine. HP as the largest manufacturer in the world provided him with the reassurance he was looking for. He also understood that the multifunctions need regular service.

Apart from the large heavily used multifunction there were a couple of older printers scattered throughout the office. HP had suitable machines for all environments.

Why we Chose HP Netgear MPS?

  • We were keen to reduce the cost of our printing our old machine was costing us too much to run and maintain. Upgrading was also about getting newer technology. The insurance business requires a large number of documents to be stored for a long time and we therefore needed a machine capable of digitising a large volume of documents.

    Elias Attias Director - Castiel Winser