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June 2015

About Sunborn

Sunborn pioneered the original floating hotel in 1998 and has since created a number of bespoke Yacht Hotels for prestigious international locations.

The only company in the world to successfully construct a fleet of fully functioning, first-class Yacht Hotels, Sunborn is also highly experienced in the creation of flagship hotels, residential accommodation and restaurants.

With more than 30 years’ experience in the hotel, leisure and hospitality sector, Sunborn is also responsible for the development of luxury spa hotels, restaurants and other top-quality projects in Scandinavia, Germany, Spain and the UK. Sunborn Gibraltar is the first of a fleet of floating hotels.


As a first class Yacht Hotel with many departments with print necessities reliability and costs are very important to us.

We have large volumes of printing, scanning, and faxing every single day.

Why we Chose HP Netgear MPS?

  • We knew that HP is one of the most revered brand in Printing Solutions and Netgear was offering a first class Managed Print Service. We started the relationship with Netgear HP MPS with one Laserjet Enterprise Printer in July 2013 and the service was so great that at the current date we have 7 machines all of them with Managed Printing.

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    Tristan Peters Purchasing Manager -