Taking your printer security seriously? Someone else might be!

Stealing documents from printer

Critical gaps may exist in your imaging and printing environment. We’re here to help you find secure business solutions to address these risks. This short video is an eye opener and highlights a number of weaknesses in printer network security and how they can be accidentally or aggressively used to compromise your data and intellectual property.

How Netgear is helping Gibraltar’s businesses with printer security

Our team of account managers and technical engineers can guide you in reviewing your existing printer set-up and recommending more secure alternatives where necessary. As HP authorised dealers we have access to the best printer security available to businesses and a full range of options to suit different business requirements.

Understanding your business is key to finding the optimum printer environment. We will work with you to determine your existing printer costs – based on counts from your existing printers. We’ll also review where in your office printers are located and in many cases, we can substantially reduce the number of printers required, while raising efficiency and cutting costs for you.

The cost advantage of a well planned printer set-up is obvious. By reducing the number of printers requiring maintenance, servicing and parts, the basic overheads will be lower. Plus, by implementing security measures such as staff authenticated printing you have the ability to monitor how teams within your business are using print and you can easily make a number of small changes to your processes and culture that will substantially reduce your print costs.

What to do now

If you’re thinking about updating your printer network and improving security over the next few months, then we’d recommend that you contact our team today. By starting early we can give you an idea of your existing printer costs with a free audit (available to businesses printing more than 1,000 pages a month). We can then recommend a print set-up that will support your business growth and provide the highest levels of security.