Who is MPS for?

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Who is MPS for?

Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services (MPS) is suitable for any business that prints a volume of approximately  over 1000 pages per month. If you are printing over 1000 pages then there are various options depending on your print volumes, HP via Netgear Business in Gibraltar offer a portfolio of HP printers and multifunction devices. The more you print the more valuable the service is to your business.

Industries which print in high volumes include Financial Services, Insurance, Legal Services, Construction, Architects, Real Estate Agents, Hotels, Wholesalers & Logistics.

If you are a Gibraltar based company and interested in a Print Audit then we can come in and undertake an audit of your current print infrastructure, discuss what you want to achieve and propose a solution that will be suitable for your requirements.

We have helped businesses in Gibraltar with requirements for printing on envelopes, printing using various paper sizes, printing on different types of paper, printing directly from their business system applications. With a multifunction device we have helped Gibraltar businesses with their scanning requirements. Scanning documents to network folders, scan to an email direct from your multifunction, double sided scanning in a single pass via ADF. With HP Enterprise Printers we can optimise your workflow and make your business processes much more efficient by customising your most frequently used scanning processes into a single button on the multifunction panel.

Apart from printing and scanning HP Multifunction devices can offer faxing and advanced fax features like fax to email. Instead of the fax being printed out we can configure the incoming fax to be sent to an email address as a PDF attachment. HP Multifunctions also offer photocopying and advanced photocopying features like ID photocopying, automated reduction of photocopy size and we can even configure a photocopy to provide you a hard photocopy as well as a scanned image saved to your PC with the touch of a single button.

HP’s range of MPS Printers offers advanced finishing options, need your documents stapled? Need your documents folded? Want to make your own booklets in-house? HP Printers offer a variety of finishing options and we can offer advice on the most suitable option for your specific requirement.


If you are a business based in Gibraltar and interested in finding out if Managed Print Services are suitable for your business then contact us at Netgear Business, our email is: