Business Tech Trends Review – Gibraltar 2018

Video conference

Working with over 1,000 business leaders in and around Gibraltar, we get to see emerging I.T. trends. We thought you might like to hear what your peers are up to…


1. Business Boardrooms and Meeting rooms are getting smarter!

Smart Meeting

Gibraltar’s businesses are fed up with time wasted setting up meeting technology – especially as most meetings now involve laptops and often screen sharing or linking in remote colleagues and customers via Skype. What we’re specifically seeing is:

  • Growth in collaborative technology & screens in meeting rooms.
  • Growth in the 58″ screen – as they become an important focal point.
  • Increasing implementation of wireless screen mirroring.

Our IT services team can review, recommend and price a package for you. Plus we’ll deliver and set it up. Packages from £599.


2. Businesses will no longer tolerate printer/copier headaches!

Photocopier our of order

We’ve seen a major growth in new customers approaching us to provide a  fully managed printer/copier service. The feedback’s been so great we’ve created some case-studies: PWC, Restsso, AquaGib

The key is we make it simple for you. We provide the printer(s) to suit your business needs and then everything from installation, maintenance, servicing and parts to cartridges is included. And being Gibraltar based – we can be onsite in no time.

You don’t even have to hold a of stock cartridges – we monitor the ink remotely and deliver cartridges to make sure you always have a replacement when you need it.

What does ‘fully managed’ mean? It includes:

  • Installation
  • Service
  • Maintenance & parts
  • Toner

If you’d like us to provide a print audit, comparing your existing printer costs with what the fully managed service would be, speak to Mauro or one of his team. This set up is saving businesses upwards of 30% on their current printer costs.


3. Review IT hardware – to manage business IT needs and spend:


Technology, and the demands of business, are changing at pace. Gibraltar’s IT community are hot on it – not simply replacing old with new, but reviewing  business needs – our expert team are coming up with best value solutions.

  • Smart printing to streamline business processes (see Restsso case study)
  • Laptop wireless screen sharing
  • Quick delivery times on key items

Our team can advise on all of these things.

As a Gibraltar based business we have many items in stock that we can get to you right away. We can order specialist items in for you. And importantly our staff are knowledgeable and can advise and help you to make the right decisions for your business.


4. Remote working is creating new IT needs in Gibraltar.

Remote working

Weather you’re are away from the office visiting a business customer or you’re holding a remote meeting with a customers, using the likes of Skype, IT is now being used to save time and money:-

  • Meeting room set-ups to create first class remote meetings – saving travel cost and time.
  • Remote printing: print from anywhere, to any of your printers.

We look forward to seeing these trends grow in 2019 – and in responding to your business needs accordingly.